Ryu vs Akuma

An epic Street Fighter sprite story telling series, as Ryu faces 

himself and Akuma in an epic battle like no other.

Characters are from Capcom Arcade.
Fan made for fans.

Concept Direction - Animation  by MysticSkillz

Batman is out on a hunt for Poison Ivy and Harley.
Batman and other characters are from Capcom and DC Universe.
Written - Directed - Animated by MysticSkillz

Voice of Batman: 
Poison Ivy: By
Voice of Harley Quinn: 

Voice of Bane:

By Shock-Dingohttps://shock-dingo.newgrounds.com/
Music By:


Welcome To My Project Page

Here are some Animatic/Sprite Animation Movies I've Worked .

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Frieza's Wish Sprite Animation Project.
A Dragon Ball Z sprite animation movie project.

Frieza gets his wish to defeat Goku once again, this time he's not alone. 

The Z fighters will face off ancient beings know as Hunters.

Their powers are unimaginable; can our heroes defeat such beings?
Episode 2 is still in the works. We have no date when completion.​

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